Seeking Post-Doctoral Candidate in Immunology

The Nanotechnology Characterization Lab (NCL) provides nanotechnology formulation and characterization services for universities, the pharmaceutical industry and other government programs. Since our founding in 2004, the NCL has characterized more than 400 different nanomedicines for more than 100 organizations worldwide. We are currently seeking a Post-Doctoral Candidate in Immunology to join our team.

The postdoctoral fellow will perform basic research to investigate the mechanism(s) of nanoparticle toxicity to the immune cells. He/She will isolate various immune cell subtypes from whole blood and perform cell-based assays and biochemical assays, as well as apply molecular biology techniques to unravel complex processes leading to the change in immune-cell function. Experience with primary cell culture and co-culture techniques, western blots, flow cytometry, ELISA, and basic nanoparticle characterization techniques such as DLS and zeta potential are required.

The candidate should possess a doctoral degree from an accredited college/university with three years of hands-on research experience in the biomedical field. Previous experience handling nanoparticles and isolation and analysis of various immune cell populations by flow cytometry is preferred.

To read the full job announcement, or to apply, please visit the Leidos website, job # 648653.