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NCL Characterization Services & Resource Guides

The NCL has several new brochures that highlight the capabilities, services and resources available through the lab. The brochures are intended to provide developers and potential collaborators with a more in-depth perspective of the characterization typically condcuted on nanomedicines. 

  • NCL Services and Resource Guide: Introduces the expertise available at the NCL and outlines the various collaboration mechanisms available to developers.
  • Physicochemical Characterization of Nanomedicines: Details the eight areas of focus typically explored in NCL’s physicochemical characterization of nanomaterials: size/size distribution; morphology; composition; purity; surface properties; stability; batch reproducibility; and characterization of starting materials.

In addition, NCL developed several shorter handouts that define characterization techniques we typically employ for select platforms. Thus far, handouts have been prepared for liposomes, metallic nanoparticles, and polymeric nanoparticles—the three most commonly submitted platforms to the NCL’s Assay Cascade.

  • Immunological Characterization of Nanomedicines: Defines the strategies used in immunological characterization of nanomaterials at the NCL. Beginning with identification and quantification of immune-modulating impurities, followed by in vitro analysis of hematological compatibility and immune cell function assays, and ending with in vivo analysis of immunotoxicity.

​Sterility, depyrogenation and endotoxin are areas that can be crucial for immunological characterization of nanomaterials. To assist researchers in minimizing contamination, the NCL has summarized laboratory practice considerations, test procedures, and commercial kits and services available for detection and removal of endotoxin.     


We encourage you to download the above-linked brochures and reach out to us with any questions. Our team is happy to provide consultation as it relates to your specific nanoformulation.

Please also feel free to forward these brochures to colleagues that may also be interested in NCL's services.