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Nanomedicine Pharmacokinetics Publication

NCL’s Sr. Principal Scientist in Pharmacology & Toxicology, Dr. Stephan Stern, has spearheaded several important publications on the complexity of nanomedicine pharmacokinetics and the importance of measuring all drug fractions—nanomedicine encapuslated, protein-bound, and free unbound drug—when evaluating nanomedicine PK. The most recent of these publications is entitled “When Is It Important to Measure Unbound Drug in Evaluating Nanomedicine Pharmacokinetics?”, co-authored with Marilyn Martinez from the US FDA and NCL formulation scientist David Stevens. Read the Drug Metabolism and Disposition article here:

Other recent publications on this topic include:

Stable isotope method to measure drug release from nanomedicines.

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NBCD Pharmacokinetics and bioanalytical methods to measure drug release.

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