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NANOBIOTIX Announces First Ever Radioenhancer to Receive European Market Approval

Former NCL Collaborator NANOBIOTIX recently announced European market approval for their formulation Hensify® (NBTXR3). Per the press release:

  • Hensify®(NBTXR3) received European market approval (CE mark) enabling commercialization in 27 European Union countries for the treatment of locally advanced soft tissue sarcoma
  • Hensify®--a first-in-class radioenhancer--offers cancer patients an innovative treatment with a broadly applicable mechanism of action
  • After positive phase II/III data, this approval represents significant step forward in establishing NBTXR3 as a major oncology treatment

Hensify® is an aqueous suspension of crystalline hafnium oxide (HfO2) nanoparticles designed for injection directly into a tumor prior to a patient’s first standard radiotherapy treatment. When exposed to ionizing radiation, Hensify® amplifies the localized, intratumor killing effect of that radiation. The dose of X-ray delivered to the tumor is magnified, whilst the dose passing through healthy tissues remains unchanged. Hensify® requires a single administration and will fit into current worldwide standards of radiation care.

Read the full press release from NANOBIOTIX here: