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Evaluation of Nanomedicine Drug Release and Pharmacokinetics

The NCL has just launched two new Technical Services to measure drug release from nanomedicines—ideal for assessing bioequivalence of complex drugs. These assays are available as a service to nanomedicine developers, apart from NCL’s Assay Cascade application process.

The two assays utilize the Stable Isotope Tracer Ultrafiltration Assay (SITUA), and include:

  1. In vitro drug release in human plasma
  2. A pharmacokinetic study in rats

Evaluation of Nanomedicine Drug Release and Pharmacokinetics

The assay uses a stable isotopically labeled version of the drug and a simple ultrafiltration technique, allowing for easy measurement of plasma protein bound, unencapsulated and encapsulated nanomedicine fractions. (J Control Release, 2015, 220(Pt A), 169-174.)

Read more about the services here, or download a printable brochure.

Have questions or interested in the service? Contact the NCL team at