2nd Nanotechnology Workshop for HIV, RNA, Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Delivery, September 25-26

The 2017 Nanotechnology Workshop for HIV, RNA and Vaccine Delivery is the second meeting in this new series. It is intended for multidisciplinary international researchers working on infectious disease targets, including the use of synthetic or biologically-derived nanoparticles/delivery vehicles as a platform for vaccine/immunogen delivery. Understanding the mechanisms of action and delivery of nanoparticle vaccines, coupled with scalable manufacturing, remains an important endeavor for HIV vaccine and infectious disease research. The Vaccine Translational Research Branch’s (VTRB) objective is to provide impetus to such innovative and enabling technologies that can greatly accelerate next-generation prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine development. This meeting will focus on discussion and exchange of ideas in diverse areas of vaccination, innovative therapies, and delivery systems for development of new-generation vaccines against prevalent and emergent infectious diseases including HIV. The workshop will be held September 25-26 in Rockville, MD.

In continuation with the theme from last year, the workshop will focus on:

  1. Nanoparticle display of immunogens (proteins, RNA/DNA) for targeting and enhancing antigen delivery
  2. Induction of broadly humoral and T cell responses in both small and large animal models
  3. Development and progress in systemic RNA/nucleic acid vaccine delivery platforms against infectious diseases
  4. Codelivery of adjuvant-antigen nanoparticles/formulations to regulate Ab and T cell immune responses
  5. Progress and advances in promising technologies/vaccine candidates from Lab to Clinic
  6. Discuss product development, manufacturing, and reproducibility aspects of nanoparticulate formulations

To register for the meeting, please visit: http://www.cvent.com/d/c5q6xp

Meeting Location:
5601 Fishers Lane, NIAID Grand Hall (Rm: 1D13)
Rockville, MD 20852