Pavan Adiseshaiah, Ph.D.

Pavan Adiseshaiah, PhDPavan Adiseshaiah, Ph.D.
Sr. Scientist, Cancer Biology

At the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory, Dr. Adiseshaiah will be responsible in the experimental design, implementation and analysis of in vivo oncology studies to characterize nanomaterials for therapeutics and diagnostics. 

Prior to joining the NCL, Dr. Adiseshaiah was a scientist at Avalon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Maryland and was involved in the in vivo pharmacology experiments, preclinical testing of small molecule anticancer drugs, gene expression and protein biomarker and efficacy studies. Dr. Adiseshaiah did his postdoctoral fellowship from the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD. His research focus at the Johns Hopkins was to elucidate the role of Fos-related antigen 1 (FRA-1) in lung tumorigenesis. His areas of expertise include transcriptional regulation, signal transduction pathways, cell-based functional and biomarker assays, recombinant DNA technology, transgenic mouse model development and in vivo pharmacology studies. He received his M.S degree in life sciences from the University of Hyderabad, India and Ph.D. degree from the Department of Biological Sciences, the National University of Singapore, Singapore.