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Scientific Bibliography

A Scientific Bibliography with topics and abstracts related to nanotechnology is featured on the NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer website.

Select NCL publications are listed here:

Stable isotope method to measure drug release from nanomedicines.
Skoczen, S., S.E. McNeil, and S.T. Stern
J Control Release, 2015, 220(Pt A), 169-174. 
PMID: 26596375

Analyzing the influence of PEG molecular weight on the separation of PEGylated gold nanoparticles by asymmetric-flow field-flow fractionation.
Hansen, M.; Smith, M. C.; Crist, R. M.; Clogston, J. D.; McNeil, S. E.
Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 2015, 407(29), 8661-8672. 
PMID: 26449845

Pre-clinical immunotoxicity studies of nanotechnology-formulated drugs: Challenges, considerations and strategy.
Dobrovolskaia, M. A.
J Control Release, 2015, epub. 
PMID: 26348388

Strategy for selecting nanotechnology carriers to overcome immunological and hematological toxicities challenging clinical translation of nucleic acid-based therapeutics.
Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; McNeil, S. E.
Expert opinion on drug delivery, 2015, 12(7), 1163-1175.
PMID: 25994601

Immunological and hematological toxicities challenging clinical translation of nucleic acid-based therapeutics.
Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; McNeil, S. E.
Expert opinion on biological therapy 2015, 15(7), 1023-48. 
PMID: 26017628

Safe anticoagulation when heart and lungs are “on vacation”.
Dobrovolskaia, M. A., McNeil, S. E.
Ann. Transl. Med. 2015, 3(S1), S11. 
PMID: 26046056

The similarity question for biologicals and non-biological complex drugs.
Crommelin, D. J., Shah, V. P., Klebovich, I., McNeil, S. E., Weinstein, V., Fluhmann, B., Muhlebach, S., and de Vlieger, J. S.
European journal of pharmaceutical sciences: official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2015, 76, 10-17. 
PMID: 25912826

Induction of oxidative stress by Taxol® vehicle Cremophor-EL triggers production of interleukin-8 by peripheral blood mononuclear cells through the mechanism not requiring de novo synthesis of mRNA.
Ilinskaya, A.N., Clogston, J.D., McNeil, S.E., and Dobrovolskaia, M.A.
Nanomedicine, 2015, epub. 
PMID: 26282378

NBCD Pharmacokinetics and Bioanalytical Methods to Measure Drug Release
Ambardekar, V.V.; Stern, S.T.
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ISBN: 978-3-319-16240-9

Quantitative analysis of PEG-functionalized colloidal gold nanoparticles using charged aerosol detection.
Smith, M.C., Crist, R.M., Clogston, J.D., and McNeil, S.E.
Anal Bioanal Chem. 2015, 407(13), 3705-3716. 
PMID: 25749798

Triggering of RNA Interference with RNA-RNA, RNA-DNA, and DNA-RNA Nanoparticles.
Afonin, K.A., Viard, M., Kagiampakis, I., Case, C.L., Dobrovolskaia, M.A., Hofmann, J., Vrzak, A., Kireeva, M., Kasprzak, W.K., KewalRamani, V.N., and Shapiro, B.A.,
ACS Nano, 2015, 9(1), 251-259.
PMID: 25521794

A Matter of Size.
McNeil, S.
The Scientist, 2014, 28(8), 24-25.

Enzymatic preparation of nanocrystalline and microcrystalline cellulose.
Anderson, S. R.; Esposito, D.; Gillette, W.; Zhu, J. Y.; Baxa, U.; McNeil, S. E.,
TAPPI Journal, 2014, 13(5), 35-42.

Nanomedicines: addressing the scientific and regulatory gap.
Tinkle, S.; McNeil, S. E.; Muhlebach, S.; Bawa, R.; Borchard, G.; Barenholz, Y. C.; Tamarkin, L.; Desai, N.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2014, 1313(1), 35-56.
PMID: 24673240

Immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties of engineered nanomaterials.
Ilinskaya A. N. and Dobrovolskaia M. A.
British Journal of Pharmacology, 2014, 171(17), 3988-4000.
PMID: 24724793

Longitudinal imaging of cancer cell metastases in two preclinical models: a correlation of noninvasive imaging to histopathology.
Adiseshaiah, P. P.; Patel, N. L.; Ileva, L. V.; Kalen, J. D.; Haines, D. C.; McNeil, S. E.
International Journal of Molecular Imaging, 2014, 102702.
PMID: 24724022

Protein corona composition does not accurately predict hematocompatibility of colloidal gold nanoparticles.
Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; Neun, B. W.; Man, S.; Ye, X.; Hansen, M.; Patri, A. K.; Crist, R. M.; McNeil, S. E.
Nanomedicine, 2014, 102702.
PMID: 24512761

Identification and avoidance of potential artifacts and misinterpretations in nanomaterial ecotoxicity measurements.
Petersen, E. J.; Henry, T. B.; Zhao, J.; Maccuspie, R. I.; Kirschling, T.; Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; Hackley, V. A.; Xing, B.; White, J. C.
Environmental Science & Technology, 2014, 48(8), 4226-4246.
PMID: 24617739

Choice of method for endotoxin detection depends on nanoformulation.
Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; Neun, B. W.; Clogston, J. D.; Grossman, J.; McNeil, S.E.
Nanomedicine (Lond.), 2014, 9(12), 1847-1856.
PMID: 24359551

Inhibition of PI3K Contributes to Nanoparticle-Mediated Exaggeration of Endotoxin-Induced Leukocyte Procoagulant Activity.
Ilinskaya, A. N.; Man, S.; Patri, A. K.; Clogston, J. D.; Crist, R. M.; Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; McNeil, S. E.
Nanomedicine (Lond.), 2014, 9(9), 1311-1326.
PMID: 24279459

Assessing the barriers to image-guided drug delivery.
Lanza, G. M.; Moonen, C.; Baker, J. R., Jr.; Chang, E.; Cheng, Z.; Grodzinski, P.; Ferrara, K.; Hynynen, K.; Kelloff, G.; Lee, Y. E.; Patri, A. K.; Sept, D.; Schnitzer, J. E.; Wood, B. J.; Zhang, M.; Zheng, G.; Farahani, K.
WIREs Nanomed Nanobiotechnol, 2014, 6(1), 1-14.
PMID: 24339356

PLGA/Liposome hybrid nanoparticles for short-chain ceramide delivery.
Zou, P., Stern S.T., and Sun, D.,
Pharm. Res., 2014, 31(3), 684-693.
PMID: 24065591

Nanoparticles for cancer imaging: The good, the bad, and the promise.
Chapman, S., Dobrovolskaia, M., Farahani, K., Goodwin, A., Joshi, A., Lee, H., Meade, T., Pomper, M., Ptak, K., Rao, J., Singh, R., Sridhar, S., Stern, S., Wang, A., Weaver, J.B., Woloschak, G., and Yang, L.
Nano Today, 2013, 8(5), 454-460.
DOI: 10.1016/j.nantod.2013.06.001

Understanding the correlation between in vitro and in vivo immunotoxicity tests for nanomedicines.
Dobrovolskaia, M.A. and McNeil, S.E.,
J Control Release, 2013, 172(2), 456-466.
PMID: 23742883

A Novel Gadolinium-Based Trimetasphere Metallofullerene for Application as a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agent.
Adiseshaiah, P., Dellinger, A., Macfarland, D., Stern, S., Dobrovolskaia, M., Ileva, L., Patri, A.K., Bernardo, M., Brooks, D.B., Zhou, Z., McNeil, S., and Kepley, C.,
Invest Radiol, 2013, 48(11), 745-754.
PMID: 23748228

Synergistic combination therapy with nanoliposomal C6-ceramide and vinblastine is associated with autophagy dysfunction in hepatocarcinoma and colorectal cancer models.
Adiseshaiah, P.P., Clogston, J.D., McLeland, C.B., Rodriguez, J., Potter, A.M., Neun, B.W., Skoczen, S.L., Shanmugavelandy, S.S., Kester, M., Stern, S.T., and McNeil, S.E.,
Cancer Letters 2013, 337(2), 254-265
PMID: 23664889

Prediction of nanoparticle prodrug metabolism by pharmacokinetic modeling of biliary excretion.
Stern, S.T., Zou, P., Skoczen, S., Xie, S., Liboiron, B., Harasym, T., Tardi, P., Mayer, L.D., and McNeil, S.E.,
Journal of Controlled Release, 2013, 172(2), 558-567.
PMID: 23664969

Polymeric curcumin nanoparticle pharmacokinetics and metabolism in bile duct cannulated rats
Zou, P., Helson, L., Maitra, A., Stern, S.T., and McNeil, S.E.,
Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2013, 10(5), 1977-1987. 
PMID: 23534919

Nanoparticles and the blood coagulation system. Part I: benefits of nanotechnology.
Ilinskaya, A.N. and Dobrovolskaia, M.A.,
Nanomedicine (Lond), 2013, 8(5), 773-784.
PMID: 23656264

Handbook of Immunological Properties of Engineered Nanomaterials.
Frontiers in Nanobiomedical Research: World Scientific Publishing; 2013, Dobrovolskaia, M.A. and McNeil, S.E., eds.
ISBN: 978-981-4390-25-5

Biotargeted nanomedicines for cancer: six tenets before you begin.
Goldberg, M.S., Hook, S.S., Wang, A.Z., Bulte, J.W., Patri, A.K., Uckun, F.M., Cryns, V.L., Hanes, J., Akin, D., Hall, J.B., Gharkholo, N., and Mumper, R.J.,
Nanomedicine (Lond), 2013, 8(2), 299-308.
PMID: 23394158

Morphological development of cellulose fibrils of a bleached eucalyptus pulp by mechanical fibrillation.
Wang, Q. Q.; Zhu, J. Y.; Gleisner, R.; Kuster, T. A.; Baxa, U.; and McNeil, S. E.
Cellulose, 2012, 19(5), 1631-1643. 
DOI: 10.1007/s10570-012-9745-x

Approaching zero cellulose loss in cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) production: recovery and characterization of cellulosic solid residues (CSR) and CNC.
Wang, Q.; Zhu, J.; Reiner, R.; Verrill, S.; Baxa, U.; and McNeil, S.
Cellulose, 2012, 19(6), 2033-2047. 
DOI: 10.1007/s10570-012-9765-6

Challenges and opportunities in the advancement of nanomedicines.
Wei, A., Mehtala, J. G., and Patri, A. K.
Journal of Controlled Release, 2012, 164(2), 236-246.
PMID: 23064314

Nanotechnology in Cancer Medicine.
Grossman, J. H. and McNeil, S. E.
Physics Today, 2012, 65(8), 38-42. 
DOI: 10.1063/PT.3.1678

Common pitfalls in nanotechnology: lessons learned from NCI's Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory.
Crist, R. M.; Grossman, J. H.; Patri, A. K.; Stern, S. T., Dobrovolskaia, M. A., Adiseshaiah, P. P., Clogston, J. D.; McNeil, S. E.
Integrative Biology (Camb). 2013, 5(1), 66-73.
PMID: 22772974

Autophagy and lysosomal dysfunction as emerging mechanisms of nanomaterial toxicity.
Stern, S. T., Adiseshaiah, P. P., Crist, R. M.
Particle and Fibre Toxicology 2012, 9:20.
PMID: 22697169

Nanoparticle size and surface charge determine effects of PAMAM dendrimers on human platelets in vitro.
Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; Patri, A. K., Simak, J., Hall, J. B., Semberova, J.; De Paoli Lacerda, S. H.; McNeil, S. E.
Molecular Pharmaceutics 2012, 9(3), 382-393.
PMID: 22026635.

Dendrimer-induced leukocyte procoagulant activity depends on particle size and surface charge.
Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; Patri, A. K.; Potter, T. M.; Rodriguez, J. C.; Hall, J. B.; McNeil, S. E.
Nanomedicine (Lond). 2012, 7(2), 245-256.
PMID: 21957862.

Sterilization of silver nanoparticles using standard gamma irradiation procedure affects particle integrity and biocompatibility.
Zheng, J.; Clogston, J. D.; Patri, A. K.; Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; McNeil, S. E.
Journal of Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology, November 2011 [Epub ahead of print].
DOI: 10.4172/2157-7439.S5-001

Design and self-assembly of siRNA-functionalized RNA nanoparticles for use in automated nanomedicine.
Afonin ,K. A.; Grabow, W. W.; Walker, F. M.; Bindewald, E.; Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; Shapiro, B. A.; Jaeger, L.
Nature Protocols, 2011, 6(12), 2022-2034.
PMID: 22134126.

Preclinical efficacy and toxicity testing of engineered nanomaterials in Nanomedicine – Basic and Clinical Applications in Diagnostics and Therapy.
Grossman, J. H.; McNeil, S. E.
Else Kroner-Fresenius Symposia, Karger Press; 2011, vol. 2, p71-79, Christoph Alexiou, editor. 
ISBN: 978-3-8055-9818-7.

Macrophage scavenger receptor A mediates the uptake of gold colloids by macrophages in vitro.
Franca, A.; Aggarwal, P.; Barsov, E.; Kozlov, S.; Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; Gonzalez-Fernandez, A.
Nanomedicine (Lond.), 2011, 6(7), 1175-1188.
PMID: 21675859.

Newkome-type dendron stabilized gold nanoparticles: Synthesis, reactivity, and stability.
Cho, T. J.; Zangmeister, R. A.; Maccuspie, R. I.; Patri, A. K.; Hackley, V. A.
Chemistry of Materials, 2011, 23(10), 2665-2676.
PMID: 21686078.

Interlaboratory comparison of size and surface charge measurements on nanoparticles prior to biological impact assessment.
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Characterization of nanoparticles intended for drug delivery.
Methods in Molecular Biology: Humana Press; 2011, Scott E. McNeil, editor.
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Fullerenol Cytotoxicity in Kidney Cells is Associated with Cytoskeleton Disruption, Autophagy Induction, and Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Johnson-Lyles, D. N.; Peifley, K.; Lockett, S.; Neun, B. W.; Hansen, M.; Clogston, J.; Stern, S. T.; McNeil, S. E.
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 2010, 248(3), 249-258.
PMID: 20713077

Translational considerations for cancer nanomedicine.
Stern, S. T.; Hall, J. B.; Yu, L. L.; Wood, L. J.; Paciotti, G. F.; Tamarkin, L.; Long, S. E.; McNeil, S. E.
Journal of Controlled Release. 2010, 146(2), 164-174.
PMID: 20385183

Biological Assessment of Triazine Dendrimers as Candidate Platforms for Nanomedicine: Toxicological Profiles, Solution Behavior, Biodistribution, and Drug Release and Efficacy in a PEGylated, Paclitaxel Construct.
Lo, S. T.; Stern, S.; Clogston, J. D.; Zheng, J.; Adiseshaiah, P. P.; Dobrovolskaia, M.; Lim, J.; Patri, A.; Sun, X.; Simanek, E. E.
Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2010, 7(4), 993-1006.
PMID: 20481608

A novel nanoparticulate formulation of arsenic trioxide with enhanced therapeutic efficacy in a murine model of breast cancer.
Ahn, R.; Chen, F.; Stern, S. T.; Clogston, J. D.; Patri, A. K.; Raja, M. R.; Swindell, E. P.; Parimi, V.; Cryns, V. L.; O’Halloran, T.
Clinical Cancer Research, 2010, 16(14), 3607-3617.
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Ambiguities in applying traditional Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate tests to quantify endotoxin in nanoparticle formulations.
Dobrovolskaia, M. A.; Neun, B. W.; Clogston, J. D.; Ding, H.; Ljubimova, J.;
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Lack of significant dermal penetration of titanium dioxide (TiO2) from sunscreen formulations containing nano- and sub-micron-size TiO2 particles.
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Radioactive gold nanoparticles in cancer therapy: therapeutic efficacy studies of (198)AuNP-GA nanoconstruct in prostate tumor-bearing mice.
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Nanomaterial standards for efficacy and toxicity assessment.
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Quantitative characterization of quantum dot-labeled lambda phage for Escherichia coli detection.
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Energy dispersive X-ray analysis of titanium dioxide nanoparticle distribution after intravenous and subcutaneous injection in mice.
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In Review: Nanomaterial Safety.
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HER2-Specific affibody-conjugated thermosensitive liposomes (affisomes) for improved delivery of anticancer agents.
Puri, A.; Kramer-Marek, G.; Campbell-Massa, R.; Yavlovich, A.; Tele, S. C.; Lee, S.-B.; Clogston, J. D.; Patri, A. K.; Blumenthal, R.; Capala, J.
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